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Lavon I wanted to spend a mnuite to thank you for this. 2012-01-08
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??mm ?????,???????????????????,?????????,????????????????. ?????????????,???????????????. 2011-04-24
Leilei ?????????? 2011-04-08
?? ???????????????????????????????? 2011-04-06
monica Great! 2011-04-05
qingxu ?????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? 2011-03-31
janet great web-site, the graphic are good, needs to add on more items 2011-03-30
Vivian Wonderful website for both English and Chinese learning. It made reading fun. My 6 year-old daughter loves to read stories in both languages. One comment, it seems that the classification of levels is not very clear. There is a wide range of difficulty within the same level, and overlaps between levels. It will be easier to quickly search and locate suitable reading materials if more levels are provided. Thank you for the great work! 2011-03-24
sallypu2004 ??????????????????????????????????????????! 2011-03-22
Chinese Reading The search function needs to be improved. For example, you can search by the key words of the article. Another thing is the system to memorize where you were on last visit. Thanks! 2011-03-14
zixia ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 2011-03-14
Nancy L. You guys did a really great job introducing to kids how we Chinese people celebrate the Chinese New Year. I have never seen a introduction as complete and vivid as your Chinese New Year book. 2011-02-14
koorise ??????????? 2011-01-09