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MightyBookCN.com 提供大量有声动漫故事,且每一个故事都有中英文两套。 每个故事均配有在线阅读理解测验及学习教程,讲解故事的文化历史背景和重点语汇。每个中文故事均配有在线阅读理解测验和大量有趣的练习和游戏,帮助掌握重点句子和关键字词。我们的故事对大量的英文学习者和海外的有志于学习中文的孩子们尤其有用。 我们的故事按语言难度分成三级。第一级适用于幼儿园至小学低年级的孩子或英文/中文初学者; 第二级适用于小学中年级的孩子或有一定中/英文基础的孩子; 第三级适用于小学高年级和初中的学生或者有较好中/英文基础的孩子。


•一般家庭会员: $49.95/年,可以使用除“神奇课堂”之外的MightyBookCN.com 上的所有内容。 任何时候,一个帐号仅允许一台计算机连线MightyBookCN.com。

• VIP家庭会员: $79.95/年,可以使用MightyBookCN.com 上的所有内容。任何时候,一个帐号一台计算机连线MightyBookCN.com。

• 班级/老师会员: $79.95/年,可以使用MightyBookCN.com 上的所有内容。任何时候,一个帐号允许最多三台计算机连线MightyBookCN.com。

• 单个学校/机关/图书馆等团体会员: $299.95/年,可以使用MightyBookCN.com 上的所有内容,无同时在线计算机数量的限制。



2. 中国国内用户: 用支付宝付款


1. 中国国内用户: 银行转账 。 中国银行四川分行, 户名: 邓蕾, 帐号: 6013823100062473509


Who are MightybookCN.com for?

MightyBookCN.com provides Flash-animated picture books in both English and Chinese. Each of our books is accompanied by an online quiz to assess students’ comprehension, and a learning guide to teach students the cultural background of the story and in the meantime providing additional exercises. Therefore, our website is useful to anyone interested in learning either English or Chinese, especially children in pre-schools, elementary and middle schools. Our books are grouped into three levels according to their language difficulty. Our Level 1 books are good for beginners and younger kids (pre-school to Grade 1); Level 2 books are for lower elementary kids (Grades 2-4) or learners with some experience in the target language; Level 3 books are for upper elementary and middle school or learners with substantial knowledge of the target language.

What is the difference among membership various categories?

• Basic Household Membership - $49.95 per year. Access to all content on MightyBookCN.com except the “Mighty Classroom”. Only one IP address is allowed to access MightyBookCN.com at a given time with a basic household membership.

• VIP Household membership - $79.95 per year. Unrestricted access to all content on MightyBookCN.com. Only one computer can have access to MightyBook.com at a given time.

• Single Classroom - $79.95 per year. Unrestricted access to all content on MightyBookCN.com. Up to 3 computers can have access to MightyBook.com at a given time.

• Single School / PTA / Daycare Ctr / Public Library - $299.95 per year. Unrestricted access to all content on MightyBookCN.com, on any number of computers.

How can I pay for the subscription?

Online Payment

1. MightyBookCN.com has a signup form using secure online payments via PayPal.com. PayPal accepts all major credit cards and you don’t need a PayPal account to use this payment method.

2. To pay by check/money order or Purchase Order, click here (MightyBookCN.com Subscription Form) for a printable form. Complete the form and mail/email or fax it with your check or money order to the address on the form. Upon receipt, we will activate your account and send confirmation by E-mail.

Checks should be payable to 2MightyFunLearning, LLC. Our contact information is as following:
P.O. Box 311324
Houston, TX 7231
Fax: 713-574-8254
Tel. 713-277-5353
Email: subscription@mightybookcn.com