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MightyBook 公司建于1999年,十多年来,致力于制作高质量的原创儿童动漫故事、儿童动漫歌曲和其它英文阅读学习材料,现已成为北美最大的和最佳的儿童在线动漫出版商。 在北美、欧洲和澳洲,MightyBook的儿童动漫都获得了学生、老师和家长的广泛好评和喜爱,MightyBook属下的两个网站 www.mightybook.com 和 www.easylearningbooks.com 多年来更是获奖无数,包括美国教育部门、儿童教育杂志和教师、家长组织颁发的各种奖项。

2Times Fun 双趣儿童教育公司致力于为中国的孩子们提供高品质的但却有趣的英文阅读材料,为海外的孩子们提供高品质的但却有趣的中文阅读材料,并将西方先进的育儿经验和理念介绍给华裔父母,为他们养育兼有高情商、高财商和高智商的子女助以一臂之力。 因为我们熟知东西方文化的内涵、了解中外儿童的不同喜好,所以我们有可能国外英文世界中原汁原味的好东西第一时间传回国内,同时根据海外儿童的兴趣为他们量身定制本土化的中文阅读材料。

About us

WE ARE FUN: Fully illustrated, animated and professionally performed FLASH picture books, with cool music and sound effects.

WE ARE TWO TIMES FUN: Each of our titles is presented in both English and Chinese. You can enjoy the best of both worlds.

WE ARE EDUCATIONAL: (1) Our books are developed by experienced educators and leveled according to language difficulties. (2) Each book is accompanied by online quizzes and a printable study guide written in both English and Chinese to teach students the cultural background of the story and key vocabulary and grammar points in a fun way. (3) We have a database that can track and report students’ performance and progress.

Who are we?

2MightyFunLearning, LLC is a joint venture of MightyBook, Inc. and 2Times Fun, LLC. MightyBook, Inc. has been a leading online publisher of animated children's books for more than ten years. It has developed a large collection of Flash-animated children's books and songs. These animated books and songs have gained widespread popularity among children, teachers and parents throughout the United States and other countries. Its two websites, www.mightybook.com and www.easylearningbooks.com, have won numerous prestigious U.S. educational awards, including the A+ Award from Education World Magazine, 2003 & 2007, A+ Award from Web English Teacher, 2005, and Parents Choice Award, 2002 & 2005.

2Times Fun, LLC aims to (1) provide the finest and fun English reading materials to kids in China, (2) provide the finest and fun Chinese reading materials to kids outside of China, (3) provide the finest products that help parents bring up children with balanced emotional quotient, financial quotient and intelligent quotient.